The Facility

The Les Cheneaux Culinary School is located in the heart of the quaint village of Hessel, overlooking Hessel Bay and the Les Cheneaux Islands. The 5,000 square-foot facility features a state-of-the art kitchen and a breathtaking, boathouse-themed dining room and deck to accommodate eighty-plus guests, as well as a unique indoor/outdoor bar designed to service patrons in all seasons.

The kitchen is very spacious and well-suited for groups of up to twenty students. There is a horseshoe-shaped chef’s demo area where teachers can easily display and perform the techniques of the industry. During the summer internship program, this feature enables restaurant patrons to view the students preparing the unique dishes they have mastered over the previous months.

The dining room is warm and inviting with its walls representing an unusual mix of Les Cheneaux art and history, fine wines on display, and shelves of fascinating cookbooks to entertain guests. The south wall of the dining room is almost completely glass, affording delightful views of marina activity, boating on the bay, and dazzling sunsets…all to complement a superb experience.