Hours of Operation for Summer 2019:

Wednesday to Sunday

4:30-5:00 Cocktail Hour

5:00-9:00 Dinner Service

Sunday Brunch 10:00-2:00

Our Restaurant operates from late May to early September, and hosts special event dinners throughout the off seasons.

Its stunning yet warm and inviting boathouse-themed dining room and deck can accommodate eighty-plus guests. The unique indoor/outdoor bar is designed to service patrons in all seasons.

There is a horseshoe-shaped chef’s demo area that enables guests to view the student chefs preparing the fine dishes that they have mastered over the previous months.  The Chef’s Table, seating eight, is the prime spot for diners to experience all facets of the restaurant. 

The dining room’s wood-paneled walls offer an intriguing mix of Les Cheneaux art and history, racks of fine wines, and shelves of the students’ favorite cookbooks. The south wall of the dining room is almost completely glass, affording delightful views of marina activity, boating on the bay, and dazzling sunsets…all to complement a superb experience.